Amber Wolfe Rounds



Amber Wolfe Rounds is a second-generation astrologer with 15 years of experience. Amber offers astrology services including predictive forecasting, natal charts for individuals, and composite readings for couples or groups. Amber composes and performs musical scores from astrology for Zizia. She earned an M.Ed. from Antioch University New England after submitting her thesis: Tone Art: Anthroposophy, Astrology, Music.


Currently accepting clients. Clients recieve personal or virtual consultations. Initial 90-minute consultation = $120. Subsequent 60-minute consultation = $90. Group consultations starting at $150. Flexible fee arrangements are available. Schedule an appointment:


Rounds, A.W. (2020). Anthropososphy, Astrology, Music. In J.M. Park (Ed.), Star Wisdom: As Above, So Below (Vol. 03, pp. 86-102). Hudson, NY: Lindisfarne Books.



"Amber is a naturally skillful and intuitive interpreter of astrology, and her insights and commentary are illuminating, thoughtful, and open-hearted. When I visited Amber for my reading, I was a complete novice in the field of astrology, and she gave me not only a detailed reading of my chart, but also an overview of the basic principles of astrology that allowed me to put the specifics into a broader context. Our session left me feeling inspired and curious, and I look forward to the next one!" - A.H.

"Amber's astrological work is effortlessly thorough and completely relatable. Each of her insights takes into account years of studies, many perspectives and a natural vision for the subject. Most recently, Amber read a composite chart for my partner and me. We were guided through our relationship, exploring some limitations and things we may need to work on, as well as what is effortless and dynamic for us, by the ever truthful and positive Amber. I will always greatly appreciate readings with Amber and the unique way she can portray astrology." - A.M.

"Amber has a truly amazing gift for astrology. She has a depth of experience, level of connection and clear understanding of this work that is simply astounding. Her reading was profoundly informative and healing for me, and I so appreciate the time she took to explain my chart thoroughly and help me to understand it. I would highly recommend her readings to anyone!" - L.C.


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