Amber Wolfe Rounds

Astrology Workshops

Tropical-Sideral Zodiacs

Two zodiacs remain in widespread use. The tropical zodiac is most popular in the West and connects the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn to the yearly equinoxes and solstices. The sidereal zodiac is used by Hindu astrologers, as well as some western astrologers and practitioners of biodynamic agriculture. The sidereal zodiac accounts for the phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes and more closely reflects the apparent placement of constellations. This workshop will provide an overview of both zodiacs, then introduce both tropical and sidereal natal charts cast for participants. We will compare and contrast our two charts, and leave with an understanding of how the fluidity of astrological delineations empowers us to form our own systems of interpretation.

Natal Charts

Ideal for beginning students of astrology! Birth charts reveal intricate, organized systems of archetypes that aid in self-discovery. In this interactive class, we will study the birth charts of participants in order to understand the fundaments of personal astrology. Participants will leave with a solid understanding of: how a birth chart is organized; the significance of their Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs; and how astrological rhythms influence daily life. Designed for those who marvel at the accuracy of horoscopes and astrological apps, but long to understand how the interpretations are derived.


This workshop will be the second in an ongoing series that focuses on how slower moving outer planets are shaping current events. Special attention will be paid to how current interactions between Jupiter and Pluto frame the corona virus pandemic and resulting societal changes. The positions of Jupiter and Pluto will be identified within the birth chart of each participant, allowing for individualized interpretations of unique challenges and opportunities. How does the Jupiter archetype of luck and abundance interact with the Pluto archetype of regeneration and transformation in your astrological chart?


Venus, the planet associated with beauty, creativity, and love will retrograde from May 13th - June 24th 2020. Retrograde periods are excellent opportunities to explore occult and unconscious aspects of planetary archetypes. This workshop will begin by looking at the symbolism associated with the mythological figure of Venus and other goddesses of creativity. Next, the position of the planet Venus will be identified within the birth chart of each participant, allowing for individualized interpretations. The workshop will conclude by decoding the hidden messages sent by retrograding Venus.


The year 2020 began with a conjunction between Saturn and Pluto, an event that occurs roughly every 32 years. Jupiter and Pluto will also meet three times throughout 2020, an occurrence that happens every 13 years. The meetings between these celestial powers are defining the sweeping changes throughout the world and impacting each of us differently based on our personal astrology. How are these celestial events manifesting in your astrological chart?